The Prize

Why do we give a shit about startups?

Because new, gutsy businesses are the pinnacle of breakthrough innovation, pushing society forward with new ideas and technology. Startup culture can fuel the economy of a nation.​​

Digital Experience


Information Architecture



Brand Website


Information Architecture



Brand System



Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines

How It Works




Brand Prize is open to all startups based in North America.


First, submit your details via the form on  

Next, a simple questionnaire will be sent to you through email. Answer the questions to best represent who you are, spellcheck and apply. 

Our panel of judges will review the applications and debate who moves on to the next round.

The Finalists


From the collection of promising startups, we’ll choose five finalists. Next, it’s a video call to get to know you better.

The Winner


We will then choose a winner from the top five finalists.The winning startup will have us in their corner as they live long and prosper (yeah we are Trekkies).

So you’ve been grinding away, developing a world-changing product. The hours are brutal. The pay sucks. The coffee is crap.




And then opportunity brings you what you need: A wise investor. A pivotal hire. Someone offering to develop your brand and website pro bono.


That’s right. Here’s your opportunity to win a complete brand system, including  positioning and visual identity. What good is a brand, if you can’t show it off? We will also be creating a unique web experience based on your newly minted brand guidelines.

Are you  a DestRoyer of the statUs quo?​​

Are you a DestRoyer of the statUs quo?​

Are you a DestRoyer of the statUs quo?​​

We have wrapped the selection process for Brand Prize 2017!​

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